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Here's what you can do to protect California's food.


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The Facts

  • Oil companies in California are selling wastewater from their drilling operations to several local irrigation districts, which in turn mix it with the water they sell to growers to irrigate their crops.
  • This wastewater includes up to 173 different toxic chemicals that end up in the water used to irrigate popular crops that are shipped across the country. 
  • Currently, four water districts in the Central Valley use this toxic water. But with such a convenient way for the oil and gas industry to dispose of their noxious wastewater, it isn’t hard to imagine this becoming industry standard.
  • This practice threatens the safety of our food, the farmers and workers who irrigate and pick the crops, and the environment.
  • Now that the dirty secret is out, we don’t have to risk our health for oil industry profits: we can work together and ban this awful practice.
  • Nearly half a million people have signed the petition to oppose the dangerous practice and are calling for action to stop it.
The produce industry’s dirty secret:
Toxic oil wastewater is being used to grow our food...


Oil Money Out founder David Braun held an interactive training webinar which brought together folks from all across the state and gave folks critical tools needed in order to have effective meetings with their elected officials. Hundreds of people participated in this interactive training webinar, attending one of dozens of house parties throughout the state. 

Right now, leaders and advocates are building teams and setting up meetings with their elected officials to demand that they stop taking dirty oil money and instead prioritize public health over industry profits by putting an end to fracking, neighborhood drilling, and ending the use of toxic oil field wastewater to irrigate our crops.

All of these practices have been deemed unsafe by state scientists, yet the influence of oil money in our politics has detered every effort to protect public health from these dangerous practices. Learn how to meet with your legislators and how to turn advocacy into action.


Call Governor Brown

Send a Video Message to Governor Brown

  • We'll be creating one minute videos and tweeting them at Governor Brown, calling on him to protect California's food.
  • Make one yourself! It's fun and easy and will have a great impact.
  • You can find everything you need to know to create your own video message here.

Gather petition signatures

  • All the information and resources you need are here.