Protect California Food - July 16 Day of Action!

On July 16th, Californians all over the state gathered in front of grocery stores and farmers markets to spread the word about another dangerous practice of the fossil fuel industry. In the Central Valley, the oil industry is selling oilfield wastewater to farmers to use as irrigation, but no independent testing has been done to determine whether this practice is safe from the hundreds of oilfield chemicals used in operations, or the other naturally occurring toxic organic compounds. Californians are outraged, so last Saturday activists gathered in 10 cities across the state to spread the word about this practice, and gather petition signatures calling on Governor Brown to put an end to it immediately.

This is just the beginning.  Help continue to gather petitions and get the word out by checking out the Protect California Food Coalition’s website to learn more about what you can do to stop the use of oil waste on our food:

Help us spread the word by watching and sharing this video.

And take a look at the coverage of the event here:

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